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One that is held over from an earlier time: a political adviser who was a holdover from the Reagan era; a family tradition that is a holdover from my grandparents' childhood.


(ˈhoʊldˌoʊ vər)

a person or thing remaining from a former period.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.holdover - an official who remains in office after his term
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
2.holdover - something that has survived from the past; "a holdover from the sixties"; "hangovers from the 19th century"
survival - something that survives
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Ballistic calculators suddenly made it possible to have accurate holdovers at any distance after an hour or so at the range.
Two of those holdovers, Tom Harrison and Paul Hobby, have since resigned.
We want to assure the public that it is not our desire to perpetuate the holdovers.
This much is clear: our security commitments, many of them holdovers from the Cold War, induce other countries to spend less than they could on their own defense.
observers insist it's partly because of a lack of enthusiasm for this year's first-quarter releases--as well as limited interest in commercial holiday holdovers.
Dorrell said his overhauled coaching staff, which includes six new assistants and three holdovers in different roles than in 2005, will take time gaining cohesion and continuity in training camp.
I think Bush is taking orders from all the old holdovers from other administrations.
La Fontaine was for Fumaroli one of the last holdovers from the Renaissance: along with the Corneille brothers and Gassendi's publisher, he belonged to a "youth academy" assembled by Fouquet, parallel to the official Academie Francaise founded by Richelieu and turned by Colbert into a tireless manufacturer of panegyrics to the king.