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n. Chiefly British
One who goes on vacation.


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Noun1.holidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasureholidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasure  
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
excursionist, rubberneck, sightseer, tripper - a tourist who is visiting sights of interest
شَخْص في عُطْلَه، مُصْطاف
sá sem fer í frí


(ˈholədi) noun
1. a day when one does not have to work. Next Monday is a holiday.
2. (often in plural) a period of time when one does not have to work. The summer holidays will soon be here; We're going to Sweden for our holiday(s); I'm taking two weeks' holiday in June; (also adjective) holiday clothes.
ˈholidaymaker noun
a person who has gone eg to the seaside for a holiday.
on holiday
not working; having a holiday. Mr Smith has gone on holiday; She is on holiday in France.
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the body of a holidaymaker lies in the wreckage of a nightclub after three bombs caused carnage at Kuta Beach
Being a nation of holiday layabouts, only one British holidaymaker in seven intends to wander far from the beaten track, and surprisingly an adventure holiday, such as white water rafting or mountain climbing only appeals to one holidaymaker in ten.
A spokeswoman for Currency UK said that by using a foreign exchange broker each holidaymaker gets the most competitive exchange rate when transferring their money from sterling into euros, as well as avoiding additional bank or credit card fees which are levied on to their account for each foreign currency transfer.
If a holidaymaker has an accident on a quad bike and does not have adequate insurance, it could result in substantial medical bills, especially if they require the use of an air ambulance to return them to the UK.
Holidaymaker Marc Cryer said he knew the musician was also a trained pilot but was still surprised to see him onboard the flight.
A British holidaymaker has died after contracting legionnaires' disease on a trip to Italy, health officials said yesterday.
One holidaymaker who spoke to us said: "I only did it because I live well outside Belfast and I couldn't get a lift to the city airport.
THE average holidaymaker takes PS2,500 worth of items in their suitcase and hand luggage.
She said the family had a confirmed sighting of Mrs Holt by a holidaymaker they believe came from Britain.
Summary: A British holidaymaker has been killed after a yacht overturned in bad weather on the Nile.
AN Irish holidaymaker is in a critical condition after plunging more than 30ft from a hotel fire escape.
BETTER BY RAIL Eurotunnel has seen a 15% jump in revenues during the summer as more holidaymakers preferred the train to the plane