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n. Chiefly British
One who goes on vacation.
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Noun1.holidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasureholidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasure  
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
excursionist, rubberneck, sightseer, tripper - a tourist who is visiting sights of interest
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شَخْص في عُطْلَه، مُصْطاف
sá sem fer í frí


(ˈholədi) noun
1. a day when one does not have to work. Next Monday is a holiday.
2. (often in plural) a period of time when one does not have to work. The summer holidays will soon be here; We're going to Sweden for our holiday(s); I'm taking two weeks' holiday in June; (also adjective) holiday clothes.
ˈholidaymaker noun
a person who has gone eg to the seaside for a holiday.
on holiday
not working; having a holiday. Mr Smith has gone on holiday; She is on holiday in France.
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Financial services firm KIS Finance has highlighted risks that UK holidaymakers are facing when it comes to card fraud abroad.
The holidaymakers of Chattogram division are enjoying smooth journey while returning to Dhaka by bus after celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr.
HOLIDAYMAKERS have been stocking up on euros as Brexit draws nearer, new figures suggest.
Sterling has strengthened particularly against the Turkish lira, with holidaymakers seeing their money go the equivalent of PS98 further on a PS500 currency transaction compared with a year ago.
Their travel agency went bust on July 24.The Interior Ministry will send three aircraft to Albania to pick up 84 Slovak holidaymakers whose travel agency, Albania Travel, went bust on Tuesday (July 24), the TASR newswire learnt on July 25.The ministry was asked for help by the assistance service of an insurance company, which will pay the entire cost for transporting these holidaymakers, Interior Ministry spokesman Petar Lazarov told the newswire.Beata Lipscaronicovaacute, PR specialist of the Uniqua insurer, which insured Albania Travel, stated that the insurer initially approached commercial carriers, but it was complicated to hire planes in the midst of the holiday season.
The report shows that more than two-thirds of holidaymakers overspent by an average of 27% on their last trip abroad.
? Holidaymakers risking it by leaving insurance cover until just before they travel Research from GoCompare shows the vast majority of holidaymakers only arrange travel insurance at the last minute.
The free of charge 'Easy Check-In' service allows holidaymakers on selected Thomas Cook Airlines flights to check themselves and their luggage in for their flight home in the comfort of their hotel, receiving their boarding pass before they even arrive at the airport.
Since the beginning of this month, facilities in Diani have been registering a rise in visitors, with the majority of them flying in, driving or disembarking from the daily train service.The surge in domestic holidaymakers has been attributed to the Madaraka Express train, which offers cheaper transport and faster speed.