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n. Chiefly British
One who goes on vacation.


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Noun1.holidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasureholidaymaker - someone who travels for pleasure  
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
excursionist, rubberneck, sightseer, tripper - a tourist who is visiting sights of interest
شَخْص في عُطْلَه، مُصْطاف
sá sem fer í frí


(ˈholədi) noun
1. a day when one does not have to work. Next Monday is a holiday.
2. (often in plural) a period of time when one does not have to work. The summer holidays will soon be here; We're going to Sweden for our holiday(s); I'm taking two weeks' holiday in June; (also adjective) holiday clothes.
ˈholidaymaker noun
a person who has gone eg to the seaside for a holiday.
on holiday
not working; having a holiday. Mr Smith has gone on holiday; She is on holiday in France.
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The free of charge 'Easy Check-In' service allows holidaymakers on selected Thomas Cook Airlines flights to check themselves and their luggage in for their flight home in the comfort of their hotel, receiving their boarding pass before they even arrive at the airport.
The surge in domestic holidaymakers has been attributed to the Madaraka Express train, which offers cheaper transport and faster speed.
TOUR operator Thomas Cook says "retro destinations" are making a comeback with holidaymakers.
He said: "We've seen destinations move up and down the popularity stakes and next year we're predicting that Malta, Madeira and Costa Brava will catch the attention of holidaymakers who perhaps didn't think they ticked the right box for their needs.
LESS than a third (31%) of holidaymakers who set a budget for their last trip were able to stick to it, a survey has found.
UK holidaymakers would prefer to sit next to Hillary Clinton on a flight than Donald Trump, a survey has found.
And, according to comparison website TravelSupermarket, as well as the weaker pound to contend with, many holidaymakers are pushing their costs up by not prioritising properly.
The Royal Highland Show is Scotlands largest outdoor event, attracting more than 188,000 visitors or potential holidaymakers for Ireland over four days, providing an excellent platform to showcase the superb experience on offer here for Scottish holidaymakers.
Travel Business Review-April 6, 2016--'Returnerism' trending among UK holidaymakers, ATOL research
TRAVEL firms are giving holidaymakers who booked for Tunisia the chance to cancel or change their summer break.
MORE than 50,000 holidaymakers jetted out from Birmingham Airport yesterday to escape the rain and enjoy an Easter sunshine break.
JUST under two thirds of holidaymakers (59%) are setting themselves a budget of less than PS100 to spend on essential clothes and toiletries before heading off for two weeks in the sun, while 10% don't buy anything new at all.