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adj. ho·li·er, ho·li·est
1. Belonging to, derived from, or associated with a divine power; sacred.
2. Regarded with veneration or specified for a religious purpose: a holy book; a holy place.
3. Living or undertaken with highly moral or spiritual purpose; saintly: a holy person; a holy way of life.
4. Regarded as deserving special respect or reverence: The pursuit of peace is our holiest quest.
5. Informal Used as an intensive: raised holy hell over the mischief their children did.

[Middle English holi, from Old English hālig; see kailo- in Indo-European roots.]

ho′li·ly adv.
ho′li·ness n.
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in a holy, devout, or sacred manner
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"Quick, one last kiss, Genevieve," he whispered, almost holily. "It's my last fight, an' I'll fight as never before with you lookin' at me."
It is to be done as an artist paints a picture, or writes a poem, with love, holily, a true sacrament of beauty.
"I never have spent such a half-hour in all my life before!" said I, with emotion; and I could have added, with a near approach to truth, "and I would rather be scalped than spend another one like it." I was holily grateful to be through with the ordeal, and was about to make my good-bys and get out, when the girl said: