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1. The theory that living matter or reality is made up of organic or unified wholes that are greater than the simple sum of their parts.
2. A holistic investigation or system of treatment.

ho′list n.
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(ˈhəʊlɪst; ˈhɒlɪst)
(Philosophy) philosophy a person who believes in or teaches holism
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The two countries also went ahead with the planned talks on the Kartarpur Corridor, which would give Indian Sikhs a visa-free access to one of their holist places inside Pakistan.
McLuhan was a dichotomy-loving holist; an antimodern modernizer; a technological determinist who hoped to expand human autonomy; a celebrator of tactile, phenomenological experience who remained consistently abstract and conceptual; a cultural conservative effusing about a dawning new age; a thoroughly literary thinker who seemed to revel in what he deemed the twilight of literary thinking.
"Therapeutic Itineraries" is a complex and holist concept (12,13,14) which sheds light on searches, not restricted only to the medical field, by people who suffer from pathologies whose solutions seem either out of reach, or simply nonexistent.
I dub them instrumentalist, quietisi, and holist versions of pragmatism.
For holist learner the content was offered in the form of overview and summaries without much detail.
The compound sits on top of the Western Wall in Jerusalem and is considered to be Judaism's holist site.
Davis and Gonzalez's collected volume aims to interrogate western medicine: we are "living in a moment of antagonism" between medical reductionism and holist conceptions and approaches to health (14).
1: Differences between managers and designers Characteristic Managers Designers Aims Long term Short term Profits/return Product/service quality Survival Growth Reform Prestige Organizational durability Career building Focus People Systems Things Environment Education Accountancy Grafts Art Visual Engineering Geometric Verbal Numerical Thinking style Serialist Linear Holist Lateral Analysis Synthesis Problem oriented Solution led Behavior Pessimistic Optimistic Adaptive Innovative Culture Conformity Diversity Cautious Experimental Source: [22] Tab.
Application of a holist EH concept and its principle approach in optimizing cost-efficiency for a low level operation cost.