holistic medicine

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holistic medicine

An approach to medical care that emphasizes the study of all aspects of a person's health, including physical, psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors.
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Noun1.holistic medicine - medical care of the whole person considered as subject to personal and social as well as organic factorsholistic medicine - medical care of the whole person considered as subject to personal and social as well as organic factors; "holistic medicine treats the mind as well as the body"
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury
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ho·lis·tic med·i·cine

n. medicina holística, sistema médico que considera al ser humano integrado como una unidad funcional.
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Holistic medicine is the belief that the apparent differences in physical and mental health are actually interlinked - that the root cause of mental health issues lies in physical conditions, and vice versa.
The Dr Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine is run by one of Ghana's renowned Alternative Medicine writers in the national dailies, including The Chronicle.
HOBBIES: Hiking, yoga, cooking, holistic medicine, travel, wine tasting
Pica & Associates Psychological Services and Holistic Medicine is a full service child, adolescent, and family psychology practice that provides an array of therapy services including: art therapy, psychological assessment, school consultation, individual and family therapy, postpartum depression therapy, and more.
He and his team figured out that because Google lumps "Supplements" and "Drugs" together, the drug companies (or shell websites created by them) are able to buy up keywords relevant to holistic medicine (and, to be fair, nearly all healthcare related topics) and stack the odds that their ads will show up when readers seek information on healthcare alternatives.
Critique: Chinese Holistic Medicine in Your Daily Life is an excellent, user-friendly resource.
Holistic medicine has been a popular buzzphrase for many years.
THE LOWDOWN Chiropractic medicine is a popular natural health choice that falls under the general umbrella of holistic medicine.
In its very nature, depression makes it seem like there's no hope, but Greenblatt presents a much-needed, hope-filled, multifaceted approach through a mix of traditional and holistic medicine.
According to the Institute of Functional Medicine Web site, functional medicine is a combination of holistic medicine principles and a belief that we can treat a wide variety of ailments with various dietary treatments, including supplements.
Morton Walker," came along at a time when holistic medicine needed a voice and a champion.

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