hollow back

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hol·low back

n. lordosis.
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About seven yards farther on he managed with difficulty to crawl up the incline on all fours, then he followed the edge of the hollow back to the place where the horse should have been.
Also in the dressing room are two sets of Warhol's original polaroids of drag queens used for his Ladies and Gentlemen series in 1975- 'Drag culture is all about looking feminine, and these miniatures go hand in hand with this little Senufo gem, a divination figure by an artist from the Ivory Coast known as the Master of the Hollow Back [Fig.
bronze plaque shall be 22" x 24", in relief, 1/2" minimum thickness; hollow back / raised lettering, border, and portrait, portrait: relief portrait 13in x 14in / vignette edge (frame-less style), lettering: 74 words / 436 characters (includes 2 glyphs), fonts: helvetica neue and friz quadrata, background: texture-stipple / color-antique dark oxide, border: double border mounting: blind mount (no holes).