hollow out

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Verb1.hollow out - remove the interior of; "hollow out a tree trunk"
empty - make void or empty of contents; "Empty the box"; "The alarm emptied the building"
gouge, rout - make a groove in
scollop, scallop - form scallops in; "scallop the meat"
hole - make holes in
suck in, draw in - draw in as if by suction; "suck in your cheeks and stomach"
scoop out - hollow out with a scoop; "scoop out a melon"
cavern, cavern out - hollow out as if making a cavern
cave, undermine - hollow out as if making a cave or opening; "The river was caving the banks"
dig, dig out - create by digging; "dig a hole"; "dig out a channel"
excavate - form by hollowing; "Carnegie had a lake excavated for Princeton University's rowing team"; "excavate a cavity"
core - remove the core or center from; "core an apple"
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hola innan
içini boşaltmakoymak

w>hollow out

vt sepaushöhlen
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(ˈholəu) adjective
1. having an empty space in it. a hollow tree; Bottles, pipes and tubes are hollow.
2. (of a sound) strangely deep, as if made in something hollow. a hollow voice.
1. something hollow. hollows in her cheeks.
2. a small valley; a dip in the ground. You can't see the farm from here because it's in a hollow.
ˈhollowness noun
beat hollow
to beat thoroughly at a game etc. The local team were beaten hollow by eight goals to one on Saturday.
hollow out
to make hollow. They hollowed out a tree-trunk to make a boat.
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In 1976, Union Carbide filed for a patent on a new "web" molding process that injected gas to hollow out substantially all of a part and leave only a random pattern of supporting ribs between two skins.
Cecil and Quinn had left nothing to chance, electing to send Beat Hollow out last from the paddock, even though he should have been third in the pre-race parade.
Rather than allowing the gas to enter the melt and hollow out channels within the part, both these gas-assist methods apply the gas to localized areas of the part surface.