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or hol·lo·ware  (hŏl′ō-wâr′)
Items of usually metal tableware, such as bowls, pitchers, teapots, and trays, that serve as containers or receptacles.
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Noun1.holloware - silverware serving dishes
silverware - tableware made of silver or silver plate or pewter or stainless steel
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Earn times 10 FSP points as well on select regular-priced home luxury brands from Bernardaud, Christofle, Lalique, Lladro, Rosenthal and Swarvoski, home merchandise like flatware and holloware from EME, Herdmar, Jean Dobust, Kawai, Oneida, Queen Anne, Regent, Reed and Barton, Robert Welch, Sambonet; glassware from Bohemia Royal Crystal, Guzzini, Kitchen Craft, LSA International, Nachtmann, Ritzenhoff, Schott Zwiesel, Vidrios San Miguel, Vin Bouquet; bath items from Cascade, Espalma, Harman, Kassatex, Kela, Koziol, Koopman, Madesmart, Madison; and home wares, linens and accessories from Natori and Ralph Lauren.
Tenders are invited for Tender for electroplating of holloware and cutlery at hyderabad house
A spokesman for Jewellery Quarter-based Fellows said: "The auction features over 500 lots of Georgian, Victorian and modern silver holloware, flatware and quirky items."
He became the first merchant in Lucca to import finished goods, stocking his shelves with ready-made jewellery from France, Switzerland and other parts of Italy, alongside cutlery and holloware made by the silversmiths of England.
Designer tableware and kitchenware manufacturer Sambonet and Rosenthal Porcelain will be exhibiting, jointly offering a full range of dinnerware, holloware and flatware designed for hotel and professional catering clients.
For May, Rustan's treats customers to special offers and wonderful discounts--including special discounts and promotions on items from dinnerware, holloware, kitchen accessories, bed and bath, home appliances, and Rusan's Filipiniana Our Very Own.
DeVere Group has also placed an order with Heritage for over 4,000 pieces of new silver cutlery and holloware as well as a complete new set of china for the hotel's famous afternoon tea service.
"They are also wondering, 'Where is the BEST place to sell silver?' Our new in-store book provides concrete details on why we and our customers believe that SDJB is the best place to sell silver jewelry, sell silver coins, and sell sterling silverware, like flatware and holloware."
Established in 1902, Lunt's product range includes sterling and stainless steel flatware, holloware and gift-ware.
Then, when he returned home to South Africa, he and a friend who had a holloware company developed the current design.
Pidieron tambien platos cuadrados, ovales, para botana y fruta; y tazas de la marca Bernardaud, Fusion White, con valor de 6 mil 158 dolares; siete vasos marca Salviati, con valor unitario de 100 dolares; seis manteles individuales marca Kim Seybert Mats, con valor total de 450 dolares; un jarron de Baccarat de 9 mil 695 dolares, uno mas de mil 195 dolares, un centro de mesa, mas modesto pero tambien de Baccarat, de 295 dolares; un salero y pimentero de 75 dolares cada uno; un juego de candeleros y portavelas marca Beehardy, 650 dolares; un florero Dawn Crystal de 2 mil 250 dolares; una escultura de la misma marca, 4 mil 400 dolares; dos portabotellas marca Ercuis Holloware, 550 dolares; 12 platitos para postre de la misma marca, mil 176 dolares; un portarretrato Pampaloni, 460 dolares.