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 (hŏl′ə-grăf′, hō′lə-)
1. A document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears.
2. See hologram.
Variant of holographic..

[From Late Latin holographus, entirely written by the signer, from Greek holographos : holo-, holo- + -graphos, -graph.]
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(ˈhɒləˌɡræf; -ˌɡrɑːf)
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding)
a. a book or document handwritten by its author; original manuscript; autograph
b. (as modifier): a holograph document.
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(ˈhɒl əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf, ˈhoʊ lə-)

1. Also, hol`o•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) hol`o•graph′i•cal. wholly written by the person in whose name it appears: a holograph letter.
2. a holograph writing, as a deed.
[1650–60; < Late Latin holographus < Late Greek hológraphos. See holo-, -graph]


(ˈhɒl əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf, ˈhoʊ lə-)
[1965–70; back formation from holography]
ho•log•ra•pher (həˈlɒg rə fər) n.
hol`o•graph′ic (-ˈgræf ɪk) adj.
hol`o•graph′i•cal•ly, adv.
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a manuscript or other document written completely in the hand of the person above whose name it appears. — holograph, holographic, adj.
See also: Manuscripts
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Noun1.holograph - handwritten book or documentholograph - handwritten book or document  
autograph - something written by one's own hand
leaf-book, codex - an unbound manuscript of some ancient classic (as distinguished from a scroll)
palimpsest - a manuscript (usually written on papyrus or parchment) on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible
scroll, roll - a document that can be rolled up (as for storage)
2.holograph - the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography
photo, photograph, pic, exposure, picture - a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
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A. ADJológrafo
B. Nológrafo m
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