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Noun1.holometaboly - complete metamorphosis in insects
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
metabolism, metamorphosis - the marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals
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The consequence of these profound, developmental changes was that holometaboly immediately provided larval-feeding and adult-reproductive adult instars access to very different habitats that often were deployed in a seasonal or other spatiotemporally exclusive manner--thus allowing survival of both during mutually unfavorable conditions.
Among candidate taxa representing early, Pennsylvanian occurrences of holometaboly, Metropator and Fatjanoptera are probably most notable (Hennig, 1969; Stys and Soldfin, 1980).
It is clear any potential benefits of holometaboly that would have resulted in large-scale diversification patterns were not realized during the Pennsylvanian or Permian, but rather were delayed to the Middle to Late Triassic (Labandeira, 2005).