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1. A case of leather or similar material into which a pistol fits snugly and which attaches to a belt, strap, or saddle so that it may be carried or transported.
2. A belt with loops or slots for carrying small tools or other equipment.
tr.v. hol·stered, hol·ster·ing, hol·sters
To put (a gun, for example) in a holster.

[Probably Dutch, alteration of holfter, hulfter, from Middle High German hulffter, case, sheath, quiver, covering, from hulft, from Old High German; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]

hol′stered adj.
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This has value because shooters, at times, want to verify the condition of an inserted magazine or change magazines while the pistol is holstered.
That level of versatility is rarely seen in production holsters, and usually that means there's some slop and play when the gun is holstered.
Crawford grabbed the holstered (unloaded) gun in the SSIII, literally lifted me into the air, and swung me around.
The vinyl "Alien Skin" outer texture helps keep a pistol holstered in place without reducing drag.
If you can grab the butt of your holstered pistol and slide it back and forth on your hip, either your belt isn't tight enough or you're not properly using your belt loops to help lock the holster in place.
When the driver is behind the wheel, the holstered gun is hidden by his legs, and quickly accessible with a simple reach between the knees.
The belt-worn cross-draw is further criticized by claims that the position and orientation of the holstered pistol make it an easy target for a gun takeaway.
Rob says one customer was carrying a holstered S&W when he wound up swimming after a runaway jet boat.
As the pistol is holstered, a flexible claw grips the trigger guard making it inaccessible from any angle other than the specific angle of draw.
Speaking of belts, it's critical to wear a proper gun belt with your holstered gun.
There's also more room for inserting a magazine into the magazine well while the gun is holstered during a one-handed reload.