holy orders

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holy order

also Holy Order
n. Ecclesiastical
1. often Holy Orders
a. The sacrament or rite of ordination.
b. The rank of an ordained Christian minister or priest.

holy orders

pl n
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the sacrament or rite whereby a person is admitted to the Christian ministry
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the grades of the Christian ministry
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the rank or status of an ordained Christian minister

ho′ly or′ders

1. (used with a sing. v.) the rite of ordination.
2. (used with a sing. v.) the rank or status of an ordained Christian minister.
3. the degrees of the Christian ministry.

holy orders

nplordini mpl (sacri)
References in classic literature ?
Boys were encouraged there to aspire to Holy Orders, and the education was such as might prepare an honest lad to spend his life in God's service.
This gradually led to a want of toleration for him, and even - on his being detected in holy orders, and declining to perform the funeral service - to the general indignation taking the form of nuts.
Behind these were two of the higher brethren of Emmet, and behind these again two retainers belonging to the Bishop; for the Lord Bishop of Hereford strove to be as like the great barons as was in the power of one in holy orders.
As the result of a quarrel he left Temple for a time and took holy orders, and on the death of Temple he returned to Ireland as chaplain to the English Lord Deputy.
The other prodigy Jimmy told us about was the younger son of a chief, who, although but just turned of ten, had entered upon holy orders, because his superstitious countrymen thought him especially intended for the priesthood from the fact of his having a comb on his head like a rooster.
Very well," said Smolyaninov, and went on at once: "Have you any idea of the means by which our holy Order will help you to reach your aim?
uf, with sparkling eyes, and not sorry, perhaps, to seize a pretext for working himself into a passion, ``blaspheme not the Holy Order of the Temple of Zion, but take thought instead to pay me the ransom thou hast promised, or woe betide thy Jewish throat
The seven daughters belong to the kings of Spain and the two nieces to the knights of a very holy order called the Order of St.
Such "un-Christian" treatment reminds me of the similar treatment that I received in 1970 when I sought a laicization from the requirements of holy orders.
He began his career as a fresh-faced 16-year-old with Willie Mullins and was asked to do something no other rider in the yard could - get Holy Orders to move.
Kayleigh revealed: "There were no holy orders, I'm afraid.
Set in 1950's Ireland, a nation rigidly under the control of the Catholic Church, Holy Orders is the unabridged audiobook rendition of a grim murder mystery, part of a series of novels featuring the dogged investigator Quirke.