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holy day

also ho·ly·day (hō′lē-dā′)
A day specified for religious observance.
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Our numbers are too few for the defence of every point, and the men complain that they can nowhere show themselves, but they are the mark for as many arrows as a parish-butt on a holyday even.
The practiced knights from Palestine made holyday sport of carving the awkward men-at- arms into chops and steaks.
The soul lets no man go without some visitations and holydays of a diviner presence.
For the sake of ensuring proper and safe journey for the holyday makers, all sorts of leaves of all the railway officers and staffs engaged in train operation have been cancelled.
Having abandoned books in exchange for a "holyday" (35), preferring the flower over the leaf (188-96), Chaucer's persona revels in daisy worship which Patterson considers to be "an act of instinctive poeticizing" (237).
Holyday of Obligation Mass A whole school Mass for The Solemnity of All Saints was celebrated by His Lordship Bishop Toal on Thursday, November 1.
Kinloch was no yesterday's hero-creation-- No sunshine nor holyday patriot was he, When the battle raged fiercest, the front was his station, Till forced by the malice of demons to flee!
Sampson voices the following wish: 'Heaven keep you from fawning parasites and busy gossips and send you a husband, and a good one, else may you never make a holyday for Hymen' (28-30).
Jamal bin Hassan al-Mosawi, Acting Director General of the National Museum said in a statement that the museum opening time during the holyday of Eid Al-Adha will be on "Friday" September 9th at 2pm till 6pm, while on Saturday September 10th it will open at 9am till 3pm.