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also hom·burg  (hŏm′bûrg′)
A felt hat having a soft dented crown and a shallow, slightly rolled brim.

[After (Bad) Homburg.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a man's hat of soft felt with a dented crown and a stiff upturned brim
[C20: named after Homburg, in Germany, town where it was originally made]


(ˈhɒm bɜrg)

a man's felt hat with a soft crown dented lengthwise and a slightly rolled brim.
[1890–95; after Homburg, Germany, where it was first manufactured]
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Noun1.homburg - a hat made of felt with a creased crownhomburg - a hat made of felt with a creased crown
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim


[ˈhɒmbɜːg] Nsombrero m de fieltro


nHomburg m
References in classic literature ?
Dear Lady Augusta--I am afraid I shall not be able to come to you on January 7th, as you kindly proposed at Homburg. I am so very, very sorry; it is a great disappointment to me.
The other day he took hold of my frock (that green one you thought so nice at Homburg) and told me that it reminded him of the texture of the Devonshire turf.
"Apres I shall go to Homburg, and win another hundred thousand francs."
Yes, I know that, and then--and then I shall go to Homburg. But to Roulettenberg I shall not go until next year, for they say it is bad to try one's luck twice in succession at a table.
Always a keen watcher of men's faces, he had glanced for a second time at a gaunt, sallow man who wore a loose check suit and a grey Homburg hat.
A man who did not know that the Countess Narona had borrowed money at Homburg of no less a person than Lord Montbarry, and had then deluded him into making her a proposal of marriage, was a man who had probably never heard of Lord Montbarry himself.
A dark, thick-set man, wearing a long travelling ulster and a Homburg hat, and carrying in his hand a brown leather dressing-case, across which was painted in black letters the name MR.
As a place of residence Lenox would compare very favourably with - say Homburg, and for companionship you forget my husband.
Next morning he had emerged from his hotel in a flannel suit so light that it had been unanimously condemned as impossible by his Uncle Robert, his Aunt Louisa, his Cousins Percy, Eva, and Geraldine, and his Aunt Louisa's mother, and at a shop in the Rue Lasalle had spent twenty francs on a Homburg hat.
"Of course I go and stay with them every summer after I come from Homburg, but then an old woman like me must have fresh air sometimes, and besides, I really wake them up.
Coulson, I believe?" the young man said with conviction, addressing a somewhat stout, gray-headed American, with white moustache, a Homburg hat, and clothes of distinctly transatlantic cut.
That is why I felt it was better to come and talk to you, and advise you to take Windermere away at once to Homburg or to Aix, where he'll have something to amuse him, and where you can watch him all day long.