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Noun1.home buyer - someone buying a house
buyer, emptor, purchaser, vendee - a person who buys
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Lim is confident the amenities are what the modern home buyer is looking for and expects a take up rate of 60 per cent.
It creates a one-of-a-kind experience for each home buyer."
The TD Bank First-Time Home Buyer Pulse also revealed that 62 percent of potential first-time home buyers think they will purchase a home within the next two years.
The Esplanade is now even more affordable with the introduction of Gentoo Home Buyer, an easy way for buyers to own their own home.
The Home Buyer Report (HBR) was introduced in July last year to recognise changes in the home buying and selling process.
The city of Portsmouth's first-time home buyer program, HomeTown, provided down payment and closing cost assistance to six households during the last year, the city recently announced.
If a home buyer wants a device that's not on the standard Orleans list, Orleans can arrange to special order the item through HiFi House.
But one barometer may be the Oregon Bond Loan, the state's first-time home buyer loan program.
Professionals attending the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp.'s (CMHC) Housing Outlook Conference in Thunder Bay were given a dose of good news when CMHC officials said both the first time home buyer market and the rental market are heading toward better times in 2001.
If a home buyer is filing an amended return to claim a deduction for seller-paid points, he should write "Seller-Paid Points" in the upper right-hand corner of Form 1040X, attach a copy of the settlement sheet (HUD-1) and a Form 2119, Sale of Your Home, showing the revised cost basis of the home.
Secure Home Buyers has become an industry leader and leading home buyer in the single family marketplace.

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