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One who owns a home.

home′own′er·ship′ n.


(Law) a person who owns the house in which he or she lives
ˌhomeˈownership n


(ˈhoʊmˌoʊ nər)

a person who owns a home.
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Noun1.homeowner - someone who owns a homehomeowner - someone who owns a home    
possessor, owner - a person who owns something; "they are searching for the owner of the car"; "who is the owner of that friendly smile?"
weekend warrior - a homeowner who acts as a contractor and tries to do major improvement projects on weekends (often without understanding the scope of the work to be done)
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The First Home Owner Grant, which provides a $10,000 grant to first home buyers buying or building a new home, and is accompanied by a $2,000 Household Goods Grant to purchase household furniture and electrical goods.
'SMDC Happynings gave us the opportunity to bond as a family, and even make new friends with our neighbors,' says Luis Joseph Austria, Vice President of Field Residences Home Owner's Association.
Further adding to the exclusivity of being a home owner at Barr Al Jissah, we have recently signed a partnership with Oman Arab Bank to offer its range of exclusive Elite private banking services, which includes a dedicated relationship manager and free for life Elite Visa Infinite Credit Card to all Barr Al Jissah home and yacht owners should they choose to avail of the opportunity, concludes Firas Matraji.
The mobile home owner has made an important investment in the residence.
I have never made an adjustment in the sales comparison approach for the presence of a home owner warranty program.
The prospective home owner is required to put down 20 per cent of the home purchase price and enter into a 10-year lease with an option to buy with the LLC.
"Our window of opportunity to install the structured wiring system is only a few days--from the time the electrician finishes the electrical pre-wire to the time the drywall contractor begins closing the walls--so we spend a lot of man hours planning, which includes frequent consultation with the home owner, says Winsler.
MILLIONS of home owners have a fortune in their homes - but don't know how to get their hands on it.
Les Jones, care home owner, far left, with the rest of the Bradeney Bunch band
Yes it has taken off now, but what about the home owners who have been left to live amongst filth and plagued with rats?
WIRRAL'S care home owners are preparing a legal challenge to plans by the council to freeze their fees and force them to re-tender for placements.

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