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1. One, such as a person or firm, whose business is the construction of dwellings.
2. One who builds one's own home.

home′build′ing n.
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Noun1.homebuilder - someone who builds houses as a businesshomebuilder - someone who builds houses as a business
constructor, builder - someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)
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Joseph says that Reflex Homebuilder's .Net base was one of the reasons the builder took a chance on being a beta tester.
McInerney, Ireland's biggest national homebuilder which also has European commercial and leisure projects, has an office unit at Pendeford Business Park.
Bob Mitchell (right), chairman and chief executive officer of Maryland-based homebuilder Mitchell and Best, and former chair of the National Association of Homebuilders, presented the award.
"What you're doing is making the homebuilder's job easier.
The unit of analysis is the individual homebuilder. The data are weighted for the statistical analyses to reflect the number of homebuilders in each jurisdiction in the sample.
In fact, for this particular custom homebuilder, business has never been better; its new projects list, never longer.
Arelle took his idea to William Crombie, an executive with Detroit-based Pulte Corp., the largest homebuilder in the United States.
The new site, HOMEBUILDER.COM, will be designed to facilitate and simplify the new home buying process and will feature newly constructed homes and other products and services of builders and remodelers.
The Phoenix-based homebuilder and developer of retirement communities is a frequent issuer of junk bonds, with four visits to the market in the past five years - all of which were subordinated debentures, except the first, which was senior notes.
The study results indicated that homebuilder boards met approximately five times per year.
As CFO of Gentry Homes Ltd., Dinsmore was the man charged with filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission to take the Hawaii homebuilder public.
22 May 2019 - Orlando, Florida, US-based homebuilder Mattamy Homes has acquired one of the last remaining land parcels available in Jacksonville's Intracoastal West submarket to build luxury townhomes, the company said.