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made or prepared at home or in the facility or restaurant that serves it: homemade curtains
Not to be confused with:
handmade – crafted by hand rather than by machine: handmade candles
handmaid – a female helper or servant; something that is subservient or subordinate to another: All good moral philosophy is but a handmaid to religion.
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1. Made or prepared in the home or on the premises where sold: homemade pie.
2. Crudely or simply made, especially by oneself: a homemade raft.
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1. made or prepared at home, locally, or on the premises: All our pastry is homemade.
2. made in one's own country; domestic.
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Adj.1.homemade - made or produced in the home or by yourself; "homemade bread"
factory-made - produced in quantity at a factory
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domaće izrade
집에서 만든
doma narejen
nhà làm lấy


مُعَدٌّ فِي البَيْتِ domácí hjemmelavet selbstgemacht σπιτικός hecho en casa kotitekoinen fait maison domaće izrade casereccio 自家製の 집에서 만든 zelfgemaakt hjemmelaget domowego wyrobu caseiro домашнего приготовления hemgjord ที่ทำเองในครอบครัว ev yapımı nhà làm lấy 自制的
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A whiff of dust from the road had blown in and she wiped her cheeks and her eyes with her soft, white handkerchief, a homemade handkerchief, fabricated from one of her old fine muslin petticoats.
I sat by his side rapping for the waiter with my tail, and eating free lunch such as mamma in her flat never equalled with her homemade truck bought at a delicatessen store eight minutes before papa comes home.
The parlor struck her as looking uncommonly shabby, but without stopping to sigh for what she had not, she skillfully made the best of what she had, arranging chairs over the worn places in the carpet, covering stains on the walls with homemade statuary, which gave an artistic air to the room, as did the lovely vases of flowers Jo scattered about.
He was so rejoiced that he treated himself to a spree that night, and with the balance of his money he hired himself a place in a tenement room, where he slept upon a big homemade straw mattress along with four other workingmen.
There on the shelf was a bottle which she at once recognized as one containing some of her three-year-old homemade currant wine for which she was celebrated in Avonlea, although certain of the stricter sort, Mrs.
LAHORE -- The Sessions Court on Monday turned town plea of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader, seeking permission for provision of homemade food in the jail.
Lahore -- Session court Lahore has rejected the plea seeking court orders to provide homemade meal to Rana Sanaullah in jail who was arrested in drug smuggling case.
'This is the level of inhumanity which the government is showing by banning homemade food for Nawaz,' Shehbaz said.
He also recorded his protest against disallowing homemade food for former premier Nawaz Sharif and said that it's a level of inhumanity which the government is showing.
Earlier this week, Punjab Chief Minister Spokesperson Dr Shahbaz Gill had rejected the reports of barring provision of homemade food for former premier Nawaz Sharif at the prison.
Besides the savings, and the fun of learning to make something so luxurious, I also enjoyed playing around with using herbs from my garden and homemade maple syrup in the cure, adding some local flavors to the classic preparation.
EP approves tighter rules on homemade explosives BRUSSELS, April 16 (KUNA) -- The European Parliament Tuesday approved plans to update and tighten rules on the use and sale of chemicals that could be used to make homemade explosives.