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One who manages a household, especially as one's main daily activity.

home′mak′ing n.
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Noun1.homemaking - the management of a household
management, direction - the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?"
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You had the fun of homemaking without the bother of a husband.
This year, Home Centre, the region's leading home retailer, has launched its 'Do/Redo' campaign, aimed at reviving the joys of homemaking.
Items in the "Girls' Toys" category depict career choices with "low pay" such as a retail assistant or hairdresser and motherhood, homemaking, appearance and dress were also depicted.
One way to maximize informal caregivers' caregiving capacity may be to expand the supply of affordable, reliable homemaking support services.
2) Although refugee camps are framed as a temporary stop on the path to one of the UNHCR's durable solutions (voluntary repatriation, local integration, and third country resettlement), refugees often end up living in camps for a decade or more and in doing so, must confront the paradox of settled life and homemaking in a temporary space.
Request for Proposal: In-home services (including in-home respite care, homemaking services, personal care services, companionship services, and chore) monroe county, florida
The 71-year-old, once-divorced, homemaking mogul is looking for love and is hoping to find it on Match.
SHANNON HAYES: Radical homemaking is not a womanonly movement.
But fear not because love's young dream is about to get some help with this smart volume full of great ideas to make homemaking easy.
Personal Care, In-Home Support, Chores, Homemaking, Respite, Supported Living,and NEWLY opened Adult Day Training Facility.
On this telling, God is a hospitable, homemaking Creator who makes room for humanity in creation.
In 1920 Joseph Ratzinger posted the following ad in the Liebfrauenbote, a Catholic weekly: "Middle-ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43, immaculate past, from the country, is looking for a good Catholic, pure girl who can cook well, tackle all household chores, with a talent for sewing and homemaking, with a view to marriage as soon as possible.