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n. pl. ho·me·op·a·thies
A system for treating disease based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease itself.

ho′me·o·path′ (-ə-păth′), ho′me·op′a·thist n.
ho′me·o·path′ic adj.
ho′me·o·path′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌhoʊ mi əˈpæθ ɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, or according to the principles of homeopathy.
2. practicing or advocating homeopathy.
ho`me•o•path′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.homeopathic - of or relating to the practice of homeopathy; "homeopathic medicine"
allopathic - of or relating to the practice of allopathy; "allopathic remedies"
동종 요법의
thuộc phép chữa vi lượng đồng căn


[ˌhəʊmiəʊˈpæθɪk] homoeopathic (British) adj [medicine, remedy] → homéopathique
a homeopathic doctor → un médecin homéopathe


homoeopathic [ˌhəʊmɪəʊˈpæθɪk] adjomeopatico/a


مُعَالَجٌ مِثلِيّاً homeopatický homøopatisk homöopathisch ομοιοπαθητικός homeopático homeopaattinen homéopathique homeopatski omeopatico ホメオパシーの 동종 요법의 homeopatisch homøopatisk homeopatyczny homeopático гомеопатический homeopatisk ที่เกี่ยวกับการรักษาที่ใช้ยาจำนวนเล็กน้อยสร้างระบบเชื้อโรคในร่างกายคนที่แข็งแรง homeopatik thuộc phép chữa vi lượng đồng căn 顺势疗法的


a. homeopático-a, rel. a la homeopatía.


adj homeopático
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One becomes used to being hard up, as one becomes used to everything else, by the help of that wonderful old homeopathic doctor, Time.
But some Welsh health authorities may be reconsidering their responsibility to fund referrals by Welsh GPs to the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital.
Traditional homeopathic remedies are so diluted that a dose is unlikely to contain even a single molecule of the original substance, which "makes it pretty unlikely that they're of any value at all," says researcher Andrew Vickers of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
I am a student of homeopathy and have used homeopathic remedies successfully at my little animal refuge.
Open Your Mind And Say "Aha": The Guide To Discovering Your Healing Powers by Leonard Torok (Medical Director of Ohio Holistic Medicine and the President of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society) offers the reader a comprehensive understanding of the universal power of self healing.
That's just what s happening with homeopathic remedies, according to Peter Gold, communications director of the National Center for Homeopathy in Alexandria, Va.
Among the many ideas that Hahnemann included in his guidelines for homeopathic practitioners are the understanding that to effectively treat illness, the whole person--mind and body--must be considered, environmental factors must be considered in treatment, and the homeopath must understand the difference between suppression of symptoms and cure of disease.
As a child, Copeland witnessed how a homeopathic treatment saved his father's life.
Rather than marketing the water as a cessation product, such as nicotine patches, QT 5 sets it up as a homeopathic formula intended to lessen cravings.
More and more health care professionals are offering homeopathic drugs to their clients and patients as a safer option to conventional over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
This composition patent of purified growth hormone, includes recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH), and methods of use at a broad range of molar concentrations and homeopathic dilutions, including combination potency formulations.
In the past two decades, sales of homeopathic medicine have jumped by 20% to 30% in the U.