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Adv.1.homeostatically - in a homeostatic manner; "blood pressure is homeostatically regulated"
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In fact, the sleep slow waves are homeostatically regulated and linked to learning and plasticity processes (4).
Notably, concentrations of Mn in blood are homeostatically regulated by the hepatic portal system (ATSDR 2012) and increase throughout pregnancy (Mora et al.
(5) These observations indicated that lymphocyte trafficking across HEVs is homeostatically regulated by the number of lymphocytes in the blood.
However, serum retinol concentrations are homeostatically controlled, and therefore may not always change in response to an intervention.
Ascorbate is present as one among the few antioxidants in extracellular fluid and is homeostatically regulated but modulated by glutamatemediated activity [123].
It is considered among the least toxic of trace elements when administered orally and excessive intake of Mn by ingestion is not a problem as the body regulates it homeostatically [17].
It is an endogenously generated, homeostatically regulated and reversible.
Metazoa have acquired a sophisticated, homeostatically regulated internal environment; for example, a change in the homeostatic balance of the kidney by more than 2%-3% results in pathophysiological symptoms (Guyton and Hall, 1996).
In V1, a few days of visual deprivation homeostatically scale up the strength of excitatory synapses [29-34], which is observed during the critical period through adulthood at least in the superficial layers [35].