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Adv.1.homeostatically - in a homeostatic manner; "blood pressure is homeostatically regulated"
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In normal physiological condition, ROS production is usually homeostatically controlled by endogenous free radical scavengers such as Sod, catalase, and the glutathione peroxidase.
This suggests that either arsenic does not cause a lytic mode of respiratory epithelial cell death that is detectable in pooled total epithelial cells subjected to an enzymatic lung digest protocol, or that, if it does, the affected cells are homeostatically cleared in vivo.
5) These observations indicated that lymphocyte trafficking across HEVs is homeostatically regulated by the number of lymphocytes in the blood.
However, serum retinol concentrations are homeostatically controlled, and therefore may not always change in response to an intervention.
It is an endogenously generated, homeostatically regulated and reversible.
Metazoa have acquired a sophisticated, homeostatically regulated internal environment; for example, a change in the homeostatic balance of the kidney by more than 2%-3% results in pathophysiological symptoms (Guyton and Hall, 1996).
The common view of obesity as a personal failing, a lack of self discipline, was not consistent with some science which showed weight was controlled homeostatically, he said.
The sacred in this realm is ostensibly a byproduct of something occurring "beneath" the surface--but probing beneath a text is anathema to oral storytelling with its intentions of homeostatically preserving meaning through time.
Unlike drugs, nutrients work in complex networks in concert with other nutrients and affect multiple cells and organs and are homeostatically controlled by the body.