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homeotherapy, homoeotherapy

a method of therapy using an agent that is similar to but not identical with the causative agent of the disease. — homeotherapeutic, homoeotherapeutic, adj.
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Reyes said that while the holistic side of the clinic is not yet fully operational, it will soon offer complementary medicine specific to the wellness demands of a patient's health, such as acupuncture, pranic healing, homeotherapy and more.
"Using homeotherapy, I have been able to reduce the number of migraines I suffer, and it takes only an hour for me to feel better, whereas these headaches used to trouble me for the entire day earlier."
10 Essentials to Save Your Sight challenges conventional wisdom at times, from revealing how the ingestion of fish oils can potentially be harmful to one's vision, to the Bates method for self-training vision improvement, to the proper implementation of homeotherapy and much more.