Prepared or served as if in the home: a restaurant serving authentic homestyle dishes.

home′style′ adv.
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has closed the acquisition of Texas, US-based Homestyle Dining LLC in a deal valued at USD 10.
Target: Homestyle Dining/ Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse brands
Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for their efforts to combat childhood obesity through their HomeStyle Education Program.
4C Foods products recalled include 4C Grated Cheese, Cento Grated Cheese Brands and Homestyle Grated Cheese.
Fannie Mae on March 29 introduced HomeStyle Energy mortgages, a loan product that allows borrowers to finance energy-efficient upgrades when purchasing or refinancing a home and eliminates the need for a subordinate lien, a home equity line of credit, a Property Assessed Clean Energy loan or an unsecured loan.
A nicely illustrated, 224 page culinary compendium comprised of authentic American southern dishes compiled by Mary Foreman, "Deep South Dish: Homestyle Southern Recipes" is a celebration of kitchen cook friendly recipes that allows genuine southern cuisine to be a staple for menu planning everywhere in the country.
However, with the main courses, a creamy homestyle chicken curry with coconut overtones and the divine lamb kurumelagu more than made up for a small flaw.
While Strawberry flavour with Apple and Kesar flavour with Kishmish are sweet, Homestyle Masala and Lemony Veggie Mix are the two new savoury flavours.
PG: We see that you have now added Beech-Nut Homestyle "Mott's" applesauce to your branded ingredient partnership.
Lamb Weston's innovative range of potato products includes Homestyle Mash--a rich, real potato mash without the washing, peeling, mixing and mashing involved with making homemade mash
House of Fraser made headlines when it decked out its four homestyle windows in print to highlight the latest styles for spring - and the Birmingham Mail was a headline-maker in the elegant display.
Made with a sprinkle of salt and a taste of butter," says the label of Pop Secret microwave HomeStyle Popcorn.