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The town or city of one's birth, rearing, or main residence.
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the town or city in which one was born or lives or has one's principal residence.
[1910–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.hometown - the town (or city) where you grew up or where you have your principal residence; "he never went back to his hometown again"
town - an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city; "they drive through town on their way to work"
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There's something special--or weird or wacky--about everyone's hometown. YOU don't have to live near the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon to find interesting landmarks and features to describe.
I remembered my parents lamenting the election of the mayor in our hometown, who happened to be an old high school classmate of theirs.
Hometown: Norfolk, N.Y.; now resides in Buffalo, N,Y.
"The allure, excitement, and weather were very intriguing to me." says Lee Daniels about why he left his hometown of Philadelphia to head west when he was 18 years old.
The book, My Hometown, is to be published this year.
Reading it backward, however, it becomes "Killer." Apparently, "Rellik" is also the nickname of the first graffiti tagger from Martigny, Carron's hometown in western Switzerland.
Karen Stokes, a native Houstonian and director of Travesty Dance Group, has made a collection of short works about her beloved hometown called Hometown.
Electronic health record (EHR) and forms automation software solutions from software company Optio Software Inc (OTCBB:OPTO), are to be provided for HomeTown Health, an organisation of 48 rural hospitals in Georgia, in the US.
Stephane Gerson, however, takes the matter of provincialism to heart, mapping the extensive and varied efforts of nineteenth-century Frenchmen to cultivate sentiments of loyalty and affection to hometown and pays.
I use "hometown" novels; that is, novels set in or around the area where my students are from.
Returning to his New England hometown to convalesce from a serious head injury, Navy SEAL Lt.