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It would be particularly useful to NQTs and less experienced teachers although there are plenty of ideas to interest even the most hardened administrators of homework.
While parents and students say that excessive homework is resulting in unhealthy stress levels, schools agree that homework is effective only if "applied the right way.
Mediavilla authored Creating the FullService Homework Center in Your Library, (ALA, 2001), which has been called the quintessential guide to the practicalities of setting up a formal homework help center to provide onetoone homework assistance to student patrons (Intner, Homework Help from the Library, ix).
We get homework every week and the way we do homework at our school is really fun.
Instead of having a traditional system of homework, teachers will encourage parents to get more involved in their children's studies and help them select the kind of books they would wish to read at home.
Students in kindergarten through fourth grade, for the most part, go home without any homework assignments.
Most of what homework is doing," says literacy expert Harvey Daniels, "is driving kids away from learning.
At home, the homework process focuses on what students do when dealing with homework, that is, how they approach their work and how they manage their personal resources and homework settings.
It is an open question whether homework has any causative link to academic achievement, but we need to think about the quality of the homework tasks we ask pupils to do.
So, I had mixed feelings when I read about a top UK school considering a ban on homework because pupils are becoming depressed.
I like homework more than the average girl, but I learn better when there's a teacher to answer questions when you have them.
In the meantime, elementary school children continue to be given homework assignments.