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Noun1.homework problem - a problem that students are assigned to do outside of classhomework problem - a problem that students are assigned to do outside of class
problem - a question raised for consideration or solution; "our homework consisted of ten problems to solve"
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Students thought that using ASP-supported problem-solving-based teaching approach could boost a deeper understanding of their homework problem.
We illustrate this capability by considering a homework problem from section 6.
Other students know what you are going through with tough classes, and they may know where you went wrong on that homework problem that you've been struggling with for hours.
Mr Van Der Hayden, the maths master said to the class, "I am sorry gentlemen but I gave you a homework problem which was almost impossible for you to do, except for Keith Blackburn, apparently.
She identifies elements of commonly caused homework problem issues and gives suggestions about six study skills that will help improve a student's approach to homework.
In the fall of 2006, we incorporated these personalized homework problem sets for students into the curriculum with technical support from Friedemann Brauer from Dalhousie's department of physics and atmospheric sciences.
In a PSOLVE assignment, students examine a single homework problem in great detail.
Almost a quarter admit turning a homework problem into a drama - with frantic phone calls to family and friends.
With clues and in-class preparation, I have found this to be a generally accessible homework problem for students, leading them to their own discovery of the Law of Cosines.
No differences in academic aptitude appeared among the groups based on parents' reports on the Homework Problem Checklist.
It is a friend with the same homework problem as us.
As an example, a homework problem asks: T is a single taxpayer who earns $300,000 in 2003 and pays 100% of the support of his father and cousin, who both live across town.