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Noun1.homework problem - a problem that students are assigned to do outside of classhomework problem - a problem that students are assigned to do outside of class
problem - a question raised for consideration or solution; "our homework consisted of ten problems to solve"
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We were sitting at the kitchen table and he was helping me with a homework problem that involved fractions.
Students thought that using ASP-supported problem-solving-based teaching approach could boost a deeper understanding of their homework problem. The quantity of students' own homework solutions reviewed had a significant correlation with learning performance (r = 0.527 **).
This deficit contributes to the homework problem. By not having satisfactorily grasped the classroom lessons, the student is at a disadvantage at homework time.
Inquire Biology assists students in understanding and constructing answers for complex conceptual homework problems. Inquire Biology generally cannot answer complex homework questions directly, but provides support in three ways: (1) reducing the emphasis on memorization by providing quick access to facts and relationships needed to solve a homework problem, (2) comparing and relating concepts that may not necessarily be discussed in the same section of a textbook, and (3) deconstructing problems by suggesting simpler questions.
Other students know what you are going through with tough classes, and they may know where you went wrong on that homework problem that you've been struggling with for hours.
Mr Van Der Hayden, the maths master said to the class, "I am sorry gentlemen but I gave you a homework problem which was almost impossible for you to do, except for Keith Blackburn, apparently." He dropped a piece of chalk on Keith's desk and asked him to show the class how he did it.
Every parent faces a homework problem. Children in general don't like to do their homework and always make you worried.
In the fall of 2006, we incorporated these personalized homework problem sets for students into the curriculum with technical support from Friedemann Brauer from Dalhousie's department of physics and atmospheric sciences.
Think of this as a homework problem. Spend the next month figuring out how to produce a surplus of people who can design and produce high-quality wood products.
The checklist also incorporated behaviors described by Gross (2000) as being unique to homework transactions--for example, helping the student interpret the homework question, verifying a mutual understanding of the question, encouraging the student to solve the homework problem, advising on alternative solutions and methods, and reassuring the student.
In a PSOLVE assignment, students examine a single homework problem in great detail.