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 (hŏm′ə-lĕt′ĭk) also hom·i·let·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Relating to or of the nature of a homily.
2. Relating to homiletics.

[Late Latin homīlēticus, from Greek homīlētikos, of conversation, from homīlētos, conversation, from homīlein, to converse with, from homīlos, crowd; see homily.]

hom′i·let′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.homiletical - of the nature of a homily or sermon
2.homiletical - of or relating to homiletics; "homiletic speech"
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Seder Eliyahu is a post-classical rabbinic document that is neither an anthology of homilies such as those found in homiletical midrashim, nor an anthology of exegetical midrashim on a biblical book, says Cordoni, even though it contains passages that have been seen as somehow resembling the genre of rewritten Bible.
In some of the night prayers, biblical and homiletical texts play a major role, while others do not contain a single prayer or vestiges of traditional forms of worship.
This paradigm determines the proclamation and homiletical interpretation of the Word in the liturgy, the preparation of pastors in seminary, and the role of Scripture in the often hierarchical relationship between pastors and laity.
Indeed, we have here a brilliant laying out of the political jeremiad of the Obama's years, years influenced and informed not only by the Black church and its homiletical social cadence, but also formed and fashioned by an earlier colonial Puritan jeremiad tied to conceptions of America's sacred history.
The rabbis made a homiletical suggestion, using the letters dalet-mem-shinkuf, that Dammesek hints at Eliezer's loyalty to Abraham.
Where other scholars try to show midrash rather than tell it, or summarize midrash as a totality, Neusner in contrast permits the reader to get into the whole midrash genre; exegetical in the case of Genesis Rabbah, and homiletical in the case of Leviticus Rabbah.
Throughout Jewish history, the importance of a rabbi has been judged by his writings, his homiletical output, his exegetical commentaries, and the weight of his opinions on Jewish law (halakba) and his philosophic/ethical insights.
Lewis," explores Lewis's "homiletical craft" (92), reconstructing a broad outline of Lewis's practice from a variety of sources.
(4) The essay also offers some preliminary remarks on the extensive exegetical and homiletical textual traditions of the Hutterian Brethren--which include numerous interpretations of whole books of the Bible--that up to now have received only limited academic attention.
The last two weeks of the course fell close to Holy Week, so we turned from our exploration of contemporary homiletical theory to conversation about preaching in Holy Week.
Hethcock's How to Get Your Sermon Heard provides a valuable contribution to the homiletical conversation.
Next, she considers the rhetorical scope of the Third Reich and German Christians' homiletical practices in which theology and nationalism increasingly intertwine (chaps.