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n. pl. hom·i·lies
1. A sermon, especially one intended to explain the practical and moral implications of a particular scriptural passage.
2. A moralizing lecture or admonition that is often tedious or condescending.
3. A platitudinous or inspirational saying: "'Receiving is a form of giving,' she said, in one of those sudden banal homilies that came to her every now and again" (Willie Morris).

[Middle English omelie, from Old French, from Late Latin homīlia, from Greek homīliā, discourse, from homīlos, crowd; see sem- in Indo-European roots.]

hom′i·list n.
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Bishop Buenaventura Famadico was the main celebrant during the mass while Bishop Santos served as homilist.
Rambling from one topic to another, the homilist paused on Cha-cha.
Therefore, it devolves upon the homilist to make known the entire passage.
He was one of the confessors of the novices, homilist and a spiritual guide.
Erasmus of Rotterdam's (1466-1536) lifelong exertions in advancing biblical and patristic scholarship demonstrate the sincerity, vitality, and orthodoxy of his program for the renewal of Catholic theology in the first half of the 16 century, Scheck says, and bolsters his argument with the first English translation of the prefaces to Erasmus' edition of writing by theologian and homilist Origen of Alexander (185-254).
One incisive though anonymous homilist wrote that the poor "are with us, and their present wants clamor for our help.
Precourt, AA, Provincial Delegate for the American Region, will be the principal concelebrant and homilist.
The homilist will be Most Reverend Peter Baldacchino, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Mami.
He is an artful homilist whose collected sermons can stand beside Newman's in their perennial capacity to nourish.
It is not entirely clear how the homilist is counting five transgressions or what the fifth transgression is.
Probably written toward the end of the 1380s, John Mirk's Festial was conceived as a resource for the humble English homilist, providing him with sixty-four "off-the-shelf" vernacular sermons for the major feasts of the Church calendar.
The homilist, Dr Seamus O'Connell of Maynooth said Mai and Bridie will miss their children.