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Whole or ground kernels of corn from which the hull and germ have been removed, as by boiling in a solution of water and lye.

[Short for Virginia Algonquian uskatahomen.]


(Cookery) chiefly US coarsely ground maize prepared as a food by boiling in milk or water
[C17: probably of Algonquian origin]


(ˈhɒm ə ni)

whole or ground hulled corn from which the bran and germ have been removed by bleaching the whole kernels or by crushing and sifting.
[1620–30, Amer.; < Virginia Algonquian (E sp.) uskatahomen,usketchamun]
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Noun1.hominy - hulled corn with the bran and germ removedhominy - hulled corn with the bran and germ removed
edible corn, corn - ears of corn that can be prepared and served for human food
lye hominy - hominy prepared by bleaching in lye
pearl hominy - hominy prepared by milling to pellets of medium size


[ˈhɒmɪnɪ] N (US) → maíz m molido
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In Paris he had purchased a bag of hominy at an establishment which called itself an American Agency, and at which the New York illustrated papers were also to be procured, and he had carried it about with him, and shown extreme serenity and fortitude in the somewhat delicate position of having his hominy prepared for him and served at anomalous hours, at the hotels he successively visited.
They had him to breakfast, they had him to dinner, they had him to supper; they kept him loaded up with hog and hominy, and warn't ever tired staring at him and wondering over him, and wishing they knowed more about him, he was so uncommon and romantic.
Yet so far are we from simplicity and independence that, in Concord, fresh and sweet meal is rarely sold in the shops, and hominy and corn in a still coarser form are hardly used by any.
Don't let the amateur photos on the website dissuade you from trying their pozole, a traditional Mexican stew made with hominy and pork or chicken, and seasoned with cabbage, chili peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado, and limes.
Survivors include her daughters, Sheryl (Greg) Oglesby of Eldorado, Donita Richardson of Benton and Valera (Randy) Peterson of Springfield; five grandchildren, Gina (Michael) Hitz of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Joshua (Glenda) Hall of Raleigh, Rachel Peterson and Austin Peterson of Springfield and Amy (Matt) Mings of Eldorado; five great-grandchildren, Preston Hitz and Macklin Hitz of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ashton Hall of Raleigh and Vivianna and Rosie Mings of Eldorado; sister, Dorothy Adams of Harrisburg; two brothers-in-law, Jim (Sue) Phillips of Taylorville and Eddie (Bonnie) Phillips of Dale; sister-in-law, Dana Gaines of Hominy, Oklahoma; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Try the Cinnamon-Scented Fried Guinea Hen, put West African Peanut Sauce (aka the Mother Africa sauce) on everything, serve up elegant Curry-Crusted Cod with comforting Hominy Stew, and you'll delight in dining on food with a rich cultural history.
Steven Pratt (Osage), Head Committeeman for the Hominy In 'lonshka and an honored elder.
The duo say they have also negotiated an off-take deal with Boxer Stores for the maize mealie meal that they will produce from the mill, as well as with Epol for the hominy chop that will be the residue from the milling process.
Find canned hominy and whole dried New Mexico chiles at well-stocked grocery stores and Latino markets.
In combination with Teasdale's offerings in beans, hominy, salsa, hot sauces and now tortillas, taco shells and flatbreads, the firm is able to offer a one-stop shop of high quality Hispanic inspired food products across the country.
The menu is a "new American" mix of compelling drink-friendly bites like cauliflower popcorn, oysters on the half shell and fried hominy cakes, while larger plates Include uni butter poached shrimp, pork belly with octopus, and rabbit two ways with grits.