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 (hō′mō-ĭ-rŏt′ĭ-sĭz′əm) also ho·mo·er·o·tism (-ĕr′ə-tĭz′əm)
The quality of being homoerotic or being represented as homoerotic.
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homoeroticism, homoerotism

1. the tendency to obtain sexual gratification from a member of the same sex.
2. homosexual activity. — homoerotic, adj.
See also: Homosexuality
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The latter re-adapted a legend of heroic espionage created in a Mao's model opera but included sexual torture, seduction and homoerotism. These filmic psyche-gnarled communist spies carry the political message of sacrificing for communist faith, which, as I shall further prove, indicates that the Chinese spy film genre has moved through Mao's period when communist spies appeared on the screen as glossy, unemotional, asexual, sublime and yet stereotyped figures toward highly discernable individuals who are wretched and outcast.
In Caballero's work, on the contrary, excess and decadence are celebrated and homoerotism is not erased, but coded so that hints of queer subjectivity are allowed to mark the text and remain legible to those "de genio." Rodo's "self-abjection" in Latin America, as read by Montero, is reversed by Rozafel Mirabela's self-exaltation and aesthetic excess in New York.
Representation of Homoerotism by the People's Daily Since 1949.
Nevertheless, contemporary Jewish writers discussed in this essay render the theme of homoerotism explicit and do not feel the need to conceal it with a normative heterosexual imagery.