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alike in structure because of a common origin: a homogenous breed
Not to be confused with:
homogeneous – of the same kind or nature; unvarying; unmixed: a homogeneous population
homogonous – pertaining to flowers that do not differ in the relative length of stamens and pistils (opposed to heterogonous)
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ho·mog·e·nous 1

 (hə-mŏj′ə-nəs, hō-)
adj. Archaic
Exhibiting homogeny.

ho·mog·e·nous 2

 (hə-mŏj′ə-nəs, hō-)
adj. Usage Problem
Homogeneous. See Usage Note at homogeneous.

[Alteration of homogeneous (probably influenced by homogenize).]
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1. another word for homogeneous1, homogeneous2, homogeneous3, homogeneous4
2. (Biology) of, relating to, or exhibiting homogeny
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(həˈmɒdʒ ə nəs, hoʊ-)

Biol. corresponding in structure because of a common origin.
ho•mog′e•ny, n.
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- Can refer to genetically related tissue or organs.
See also related terms for organs.
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Adj.1.homogenous - all of the same or similar kind or nature; "a close-knit homogeneous group"
undiversified - not diversified
uniform, unvarying - always the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences; "a street of uniform tall white buildings"
same - closely similar or comparable in kind or quality or quantity or degree; "curtains the same color as the walls"; "two girls of the same age"; "mother and son have the same blue eyes"; "animals of the same species"; "the same rules as before"; "two boxes having the same dimensions"; "the same day next year"
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This 14-page draft guidance is intended to address anticipated questions regarding product identifiers that are required under section 582 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) for packages and homogenous cases of certain drug products.
Summary: They outperform homogenous homes in capital appreciation and rental returns
The remaining eight sites formed two homogenous regions, each of the regions i.e.
To obtain the homogenous state feedback controllers of subsystems and a switching law, which globally stabilize system (1), some assumptions are made as follows.
One way to study the electron's quantum nature is to slow things down to such an extent that electric current transitions from a homogenous flow to a granular one, where individual electrons trickle through like grains of sand in an hourglass.
1(d), (e), and (f) show the homogenous regions detected by a block-based algorithm; the violet blocks in each image indicate the detected regions.
One of the problems in the application of homogenous catalysts in organic reactions is that they cannot be recycled.
Imaging scans revealed homogenous masses with regular surfaces and densities consistent with lipomatous tissue.
There are various methods to determine the homogenous regions, such as flood index, langebin, cluster analysis and region of influence and fuzzy intelligent system.
Because of the linear homogenous transformation, all the parameters of the regions are homogeneous, which will facilitate the practical realizations.
PROCEDURE: Mix phase A ingredients together until homogenous. No heating necessary.