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 (hə-mŏj′ə-nē, hō-)
n. pl. ho·mog·e·nies
Similarity of structure between organs or parts, possibly of dissimilar function, that are related by common descent.

[Greek homogeneia, community of origin, from homogenēs, of the same race, family, kind; see homogeneous.]
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(Biology) biology similarity in structure of individuals or parts because of common ancestry
[C19: from Greek homogeneia community of origin, from homogenēs of the same kind]
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Noun1.homogeny - (biology) similarity because of common evolution
similarity - the quality of being similar
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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However, increasing the quantity of CLO sequences the structure of copolymer becomes more and more homogeny. The results are in good agreement with the literature data and can be attributed to dipole polarization and the rearrangements in the crystalline phase of polyamide sequences, without excluding the contributions from the amorphous phase [59-62].
"There's a certain homogeny there I'm trying to change," Gallo said.
Malls as social spaces, the expansion of residential subdivisions encroaching on peripheral farmlands, the homogeny of commercial areas having the same fast food chain restaurants, fast fashion shops, convenience stores, etc.
On the other hand, Hispanics have a tendency to form more diverse friendships than African-Americans, but evidence of ethnic homogeny in their network exist, as well (Quillian & Campbell, 2003).
The relative homogeny of their responses, in a physical sense, suggests this is the case.
Observers say the split of the SPLM-N into two groups one led by Malik Agar and the other by al-Hilu complicated the AUHIP efforts for a comprehensive process that requires homogeny and coordinated positions among the heterogenic opposition groups.
COF is smooth and most homogeny for PLA with 30 vol.-% biocarbon.
In our experiment, we used dried ground meat samples to avoid the intramuscular fat (IMF) deposit distortion within meat samples and to bring more homogeny while preparing the samples with potassium bromide, as observed in Figure 1.
The homogeny of Lebanon's fruit and vegetables is down to where farmers acquire their seeds.
Freed from the shackles of the efficient but robotic homogeny of the academy football schooling, Coleman has always played his own game and that's part of the reason why he's so effective.
Some genetic evidence indicates homogeny among offshore cobia along the Atlantic coast and some genetic distinction among inshore aggregations; however, no similar genetic information on population structure and partitioning exists for cobia in the Gulf of Mexico (Darden et al., 2014).