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 (hə-mŏj′ə-nē, hō-)
n. pl. ho·mog·e·nies
Similarity of structure between organs or parts, possibly of dissimilar function, that are related by common descent.

[Greek homogeneia, community of origin, from homogenēs, of the same race, family, kind; see homogeneous.]


(Biology) biology similarity in structure of individuals or parts because of common ancestry
[C19: from Greek homogeneia community of origin, from homogenēs of the same kind]
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Noun1.homogeny - (biology) similarity because of common evolution
similarity - the quality of being similar
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Observers say the split of the SPLM-N into two groups one led by Malik Agar and the other by al-Hilu complicated the AUHIP efforts for a comprehensive process that requires homogeny and coordinated positions among the heterogenic opposition groups.
The homogeny of Lebanon's fruit and vegetables is down to where farmers acquire their seeds.
Freed from the shackles of the efficient but robotic homogeny of the academy football schooling, Coleman has always played his own game and that's part of the reason why he's so effective.
In a widely circulated 2016 opinion piece, Camosy counseled the Democrats that they could regain electoral homogeny if only they would abandon their "abortion rights orthodoxy" and "run the best person to fit the district, which in many locales means antiabortion Democrats.
Nostalgia for a mythic past of fixed gender dynamics and racial homogeny is an important underlying tenet of popular social conservatism, but alt-right discourse brings this imagery to the unmissable foreground, while fusing such nostalgia with an explicit rhetoric of victimhood and betrayal.
Spherical particles with homogeny morphology were formed when the collagen was not present in the sample (Fig.
It adds that uniformity in the evaluation pattern as per the national academic authority will lead to homogeny in curriculum across all schools, which will prevent commercialisation of school education by private schools and make it more cost effective.
For example, when a gay male athlete joins a team he is said to be disrupting the homogeny that is in place (Griffin, 1999; Wolf-Wendel et al.
Offering up the plenitude of information implicit in the American documentary tradition--a tradition that implies that by studying these records we might somehow come to know the workers and their individual stories--while at the same time withholding that gratification via the anonymity and homogeneity or homogeny of its subjects, it offers a form of political and social engagement that was missing from earlier documentary forms as well as from newly emerged Conceptual practices.
It is almost impossible for society to see the world exactly in the same manner as Marxism's tenets of homogeny insisted.
One example is Google, which has used predictive analytics to identify the cause of homogeny within its workforce.
The communal was being challenged and diluted by individual agendas, the invasion and fragmentation of apparent domestic homogeny by the economic and social dynamic of the world beyond.