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 (hŏm′ə-grăf′, hō′mə-)
One of two or more words that have the same spelling but differ in origin, meaning, and sometimes pronunciation, such as fair (pleasing in appearance) and fair (market) or wind (wĭnd) and wind (wīnd).

hom′o·graph′ic adj.
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[ˌhɒməˈgræfɪk] adjomografo/a
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2)found is 3 homographic cognates, all [approximately equal to] bring into being or awareness.)
These solutions are known as the homographic ones and correspond to the points of equilibria (or relative equilibria) of the particles in the rotating coordinate system [23].
Event Related Potentials elicited by morphological, homographic and semantic priming.
Homographic words from vastly different parts of the lexicon, for example, efficiently link disparate ideas: power and pour (both powre) link the power-grab with poison.
IN 1991, at "SPEW: The Homographic Convergence"-a showcase of queer zines, T-shirts, videotapes, and performance that took place at the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago--Robert Ford described Thing as a "black gay and lesbian underground arts journal and magazine kind of thing." The publication, which he founded in 1989 with Trent Adkins and Lawrence Warren, highlighted what Ford called a "black sensibility" in the underground.
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(ii) All measures affine normalizable are homographic normalizable, but the converse is false.
[15] proposed a robust technique for image registration which was named as homographic patch feature transform for sequential gastroscopic images.
Because the sonnets pose extreme difficulties of dating, we include a few supplementary examples of wordplay from them but did not track homographic duplication across scattered sonnets under the assumption that any two or more were written at approximately the same time.
where [tau] is a real parameter and its invariance group is the three-parameter group generated by the homographic transformation of the [tau] parameter.
Event related brain potentials elicited by morphological, homographic, orthographic and semantic priming.
Byron's Othered Self and Voice: Contextualizing the Homographic Signature.