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7] proposed a novel image warping algorithm which applied a global homography H as a simple model to describe the relationship of the two adjacent views.
Secondly, since the proposed method rotates the trimmed input image, it is necessary to calculate a homography matrix describing the relationship between corresponding points as shown in equation (3).
These positions are then automatically transformed into 2D locations on the floor map by using camera calibration and homography matrix.
The extrinsic camera calibration will be performed here by using a 2D homography based method, which is an unexplored method in the context of hybrid camera setups and its computation can be handled with good accuracy.
Computing Homography with RANSAC Algorithm: A Novel Method of Registration.
Sequential matched pixel point features are used to realize estimation and decomposition of homography matrix (Malis, 2009).
Such a computation is performed by using the normalized Direct Linear Transformation (DLT) algorithm for affine homography [16] in which, given a set of correspondences ([c.
This affixation creates additional sources of homography and demands morphemic parsing from the reader (Share & Levin, 1999).
Formally, then, humour-generating mechanisms include the processes of homonymy, homophony, paronymy and homography,(3) whereas the semantic requirement for triggering language-dependent humour is satisfied by a safe distance between the meaning constituents at play.
Word Meaning in Academic English: Homography in the Academic Word List".
Among the topics are orthography and corpus linguistics, abbreviation as an interface between typography and orthography, the reduction of homography, and etymological spelling.
Homophony, along with its complement, homography, is caused by the polyvalence of English spelling.