Maintaining the ratio of parts.

[Greek homalos, even; see sem- in Indo-European roots + graphic.]
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(həʊˌmɒləˈɡræfɪk) or


(Physical Geography) cartography another term for equal-area
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Under the dual-duct mode, another important issue is that each of the dual ducts has to be noninternal contraction, i.e., the scramjet duct and the ejector duct must both be homolographic or expansion.
It serves up familiar fare with names including the likes of Mercator, Peters and Goode, for example, but stands out in delivering meaningful explanations and comparisons of conformality, equal area, deformation, convention, traditional projections (cylindrical, conic and plane) and so on through to mathematical projections (sinusoidal, homolographic, homolosine and orthophanic as well as interrupted and condensed).