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 (hə-mŏl′ə-jē, hō-)
n. pl. ho·mol·o·gies
1. The quality or condition of being homologous.
2. A homologous relationship or correspondence.
3. Chemistry
a. The relation of the elements of a periodic family or group.
b. The relation of the organic compounds forming a homologous series.
4. Mathematics A topological classification of configurations into distinct types that imposes an algebraic structure or hierarchy on families of geometric figures.

[Greek homologiā, agreement, from homologos, agreeing; see homologous.]


n, pl -gies
1. the condition of being homologous
2. (Chemistry) chem the similarities in chemical behaviour shown by members of a homologous series
3. (Zoology) zoology the measurable likenesses between animals, as used in grouping them according to the theory of cladistics
[C17: from Greek homologia agreement, from homologos agreeing; see homologate]


(həˈmɒl ə dʒi, hoʊ-)

n., pl. -gies.
1. the state of being homologous.
2. Biol.
a. a fundamental similarity based on common descent.
b. a structural similarity of two segments of one animal based on a common developmental origin.
3. the similarity of organic compounds of a series in which each member differs from successive compounds by a fixed increment, as by CH2.
4. a classification of mathematical figures according to certain topological properties.
[1650–60; < Greek homología agreement, derivative of homólog(os) homologous]


1. similarity of form or structure in two or more organisms owing to common descent.
2. similarity in form or structure between different parts of an organism owing to common origin. Cf. homodynamy.homologous, adj.
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Noun1.homology - the quality of being similar or corresponding in position or value or structure or function
similarity - the quality of being similar
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What can be more singular than the relation between blue eyes and deafness in cats, and the tortoise-shell colour with the female sex; the feathered feet and skin between the outer toes in pigeons, and the presence of more or less down on the young birds when first hatched, with the future colour of their plumage; or, again, the relation between the hair and teeth in the naked Turkish dog, though here probably homology comes into play?
Genetic medicines company Homology Medicines Inc disclosed on Thursday the addition of Mary Thistle to its board of directors.
Objective: "the goal of the project is to use string topology to understand the homology and cohomology of certain highly interesting groups: Automorphism groups of free groups and finite groups of lie type.
Remote-3DD: a new remote homology detection method that uses physicochemical properties
Phylogenetic tree were reconstructed using 12 SrRNA (12S) gene showing homology of 73% compared with gene bank data while on the basis of cytochrome oxidase 1 (Co1) gene 93% homology were recorded.
Homology of Normal Chains and Cohomology of Charges
The BLAST search for sequence homology was performed with the sequence data available at National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for identification of the three mushrooms.
However, these studies have not shown evidence supporting this assumed homology among offenders consequently, Kocsis and Palermo argue that the relationship between offender homology and criminal profiling is a far more complex, and considerably more difficult task, than examining what has been undertaken to date.
S,h)] is an integral homology sphere and that supp([mu]) is contained in the Torelli group, then [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is always an integral homology sphere.
We have interpreted homology modeling, functional annotation and comparative genome analysis of waxy gene among rice and maize genomes.
In contrast to the nucleotide sequence the amino acid sequence dendrogram of PVX, Pakistani isolate showed 100% homology with American isolates.