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 (hō′mə-môr′fĭz′əm, hŏm′ə-)
1. Mathematics A transformation of one set into another that preserves in the second set the operations between the members of the first set.
2. Biology Similarity of external form or appearance but not of structure or origin.
3. Zoology A resemblance in form between the immature and adult stages of an animal.

ho′mo·mor′phic, ho′mo·mor′phous adj.
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What's New: Intel, Microsoft Research* and Duality Technologies* are bringing nearly 100 security, privacy and artificial intelligence (AI) community members together to create standards for homomorphic encryption (HE), which is emerging as a leading method to protect privacy in machine learning and cloud computing.
Blockpass aims to provide a solution which puts the user back in control of their data and is working with the Blockpass Identity Lab in Edinburgh Napier University to develop technology such as zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption that could eventually see the need for users to show their personal details eliminated.
A new fully homomorphic encryption algorithm has been proposed in [19] to ensure data security in cloud computing.
'New tools and platforms using homomorphic encryption will be needed to help build more sustainable models to protect victims and enable global investigations, while respecting the right to privacy.
Even the RSA scheme has a special feature which is homomorphic under multiplication, but it is still unable to compute arbitrary functions on encrypted data, as to achieve that, the encryption scheme must support homomorphism in both additions and multiplications [13].
Then homomorphic filter was employed within transformed images [3, 11-12].
One solution to solve the privacy-preserving problem in healthcare systems is the usage of homomorphic encryption (HE), especially fully homomorphic encryption (FHE).
As a back-up move, BOSCoin developed an electronic voting system based on a homomorphic encryption solution that guarantees anonymity (secret voting) and singular votes (equality).
Some emerging homomorphic encryption algorithms may allow developers to operate on encrypted data without having to decrypt it first."
In the case of [10-12], new techniques that are not based on public key cryptography have been proposed, which are based on homomorphic operations.
Since Shamir's secret sharing has a linear property, addition in MPC is homomorphic. For addition of [a] and [b], each party [P.sub.i] locally adds up its own shares [f.sub.a]([[alpha].sub.i]) and [f.sub.b]([[alpha].sub.i]) without any communication.