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 (hō-mŏn′ə-məs, hə-)
1. Having the same name.
2. Of the nature of a homonym; homonymic.

[From Latin homōnymus, from Greek homōnumos : homo-, homo- + onuma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

ho·mon′y·mous·ly adv.
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(həˈmɒn ə məs, hoʊ-)

of the nature of homonyms; having the same name.
[1615–25; < Latin homōnymus < Greek homṓnymos of the same name =hom- hom- + -ōnymos, adj. derivative of ónyma name, -onym; see -ous]
ho•mon′y•mous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.homonymous - of or related to or being homonyms
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[eth]nhe dramatic opera by Giuseppe Verdi, based on William Shakespeare's homonymous drama, consists of four acts.
As is now de rigueur, it's all backdropped by the city's homonymous castle, its stern white walls capped with terracotta coloured turrets.
KARACHI -- Based on Khadija Mastoor's 1962 homonymous novel, Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussain's period drama Aangan made waves in the industry before it even aired.
According to Aristotle's homonymy principle, when we use a common name to refer to wholes and parts that lack the capacity to carry out the function (ergon) signified by the name, we are using the name in a homonymous way.
The stroke resulted in homonymous hemianopsia, or hemianopia, the lack of a column of vision in each eye.
Neurological findings revealed homonymous hemianopsia on the right side and positive pronation and toning of the right limbs, without asymmetry of reflexes.
The appearance of "multiple causes": "in-a-kind" and homonymous explananda
In the short episode from the first part of The Sound and the Fury, the usual channel of communication--Author (Faulkner)-Narrator (Benjy)Audience--is supplemented by two additional channels: Author-golfer-caddie-Audience, which brings to attention the word "caddie," homonymous with the name Caddy, as well as the channel Author-Luster-Benjy-Audience, which lets the reader sense (but not right away) that when Benjy hears this word he has a good reason to feel sad.
The reference is not to the homonymous art movement, but to the chain of hardware stores of that name, which the artist discovered when she moved from Seoul to Berlin: "The thick store catalogue became my bible, and where I learned German words." Leafing through these pages, Yang chanced upon an organized visual and conceptual universe, accumulations kept under control, a Warenwelt, or world of merchandise, not yet threatened by the indeterminacy of the "quasi."
The exam was performed by the emergency medicine physician: patient exhibited normal ocular motions, sclera, and periorbital structures but exhibited bilateral homonymous hemianopia.
Azerbaijan invested about $60 million in construction of the railway corridor connecting two homonymous cities, as well as in the construction of a railway station and cargo terminals in Iran's territory.