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A theory in sociology that people tend to form connections with others who are similar to them in characteristics such as socioeconomic status, values, beliefs, or attitudes.

ho·moph′i·lous adj.
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As for the categories Facebook is said to be collecting data on, they reportedly include use of video, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, demographics, location, personal interests, device information, and friend homophily, which means friendship.
Predicting future interactions: Predicted outcome value judgments, attraction, homophily, and immediacy.
The fight against terrorism will never succeed with political homophily. The right's hostility and presumption of radicalism and the left's apologist approach will only generate more hatred towards Muslims in the West.
For instance, homophily in online groups (see, e.g., Camaj et al., 2009) is generally seen as leading to discourse homogeneity and lack of exposure to diversity through the deliberative lens (Ancu & Cozma, 2009; Sunstein, 2001; Wilhelm, 2000).
Among the topics are jumping fuzzy finite automata and their languages, web mining of political homophily in the congressional twitter community, the fuzzy mean-absolute deviation portfolio model with inflation, applying fuzzy control to observational error covariance matrices for data assimilation, noisy image restoration using a modified artificial bee colony algorithm, and non-contact heart rate measurement based on facial video.
To measure if people watching vlogs experienced emotional contagion or homophily, the team studied words and emotions expressed by the vloggers and analyzed the emotional language of online comments.
Is there a homophily between the topic of books and the reviewers' countries?
com has been defining words and updating terms related to the evolving understanding of misinformation, including disinformation, echo chamber, confirmation bias, filter bubble, conspiracy theory, fake news, post-fact, post-truth, homophily, influencer and gatekeeper," it added.
Misinformation, Solomon said, "frames what we've all been through in the last 12 months." In that vein, the site with 90 million monthly users has busied itself adding new word entries for "filter bubble," ''fake news," ''post-fact," ''post-truth" and "homophily," among others.
Homophily Arts of the possible within education: Playful singing in the midst of life: Voices that are neither torn nor worn.
Homogeneous networks are formed and maintained by homophily, or individual preferences for forming relationships with others who appear similar to oneself (see Blau, 1977; Marsden, 1987).