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Of or relating to social relationships between members of the same sex.

ho′mo·so′ci·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.


(Sociology) relating to or denoting same-sex social relationships. Compare heterosocial
homosociality n
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For a novel typically viewed as the narrative of heroine Charity Royall's illicit affair, pregnancy, and subsequent marriage, Edith Wharton's Summer presents a wide range of homosocial encounters--between Charity and her North Dormer peers (some of whom appear in the novel and some of whom are only named), between Charity and women glimpsed in mirrors and on streets, and between Charity and women viewed as others to the norms of late-nineteenth-century "heteromaternal" femininity--spinsters, prostitutes, female professionals, and differently abled women (Kent 16).
This version of the Beowulf narrative presents a hyper-masculine hero and a homosocial world of physical competition and prowess.
In broadening the consideration of the "modele" to include the relationships between artists and models, Knight argues that Balzac's artist stories provide a privileged entry into the portrayal of a homosocial system where art and prostitution are linked through the artist's model, who then serves as the "focus and vehicle of Balzac's lucid critique of the gender politics institutionalized by the 1804 Civil Code" (3).
It was a dark and snowy night, but the friends and faculty who came out that evening for Sedgwick's lecture at Williams College (where I had recently joined the Romance-languages department) were excited to hear the Amherst professor who had authored the groundbreaking book Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire (1985).
Without dismissing the work done by Williams, Shelley Stamp Lindsey, and myriad commentators, feminist and otherwise, on the misogynistic propensities of De Palma's oeuvre, I would like to propose a different angle from which to inspect it, one that would allow us to see it organically as an ongoing critical project: a depiction of male friendship that functions, through studies of betrayal, duplicity, vengeance, greed, and cruelty, as a critique of the organization of the homosocial sphere within capitalist society.
This discussion of homosocial interaction within the moshpit subculture of heavy metal music blends theory and practice elegantly, framing personal experience, commentary and extracts of interviews with his unique perspective on Eve Sedgewick's work on homosocial interaction.
At first, the homoerotic undertones of Whitman's work were kept within the discourse of "normal" homosocial bonding.
Margarita Vargas, en "El espacio escenico en el mundo homosocial '.
In his account of Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," for instance, Greven reads Ichabod Crane as a figure persecuted perhaps most of all by the homosocial, "a field of competitive cruelty" and "mutual, rivalrous enmity" (40, 43).
The first chapter, the book's strongest, examines the homosocial context of late 19th-century pipe and cigar smoking.
and the latter as common in Victorian male homosocial practice.
A great deal of their contact is antagonistic; much of it is homosocial, and, with a cross-dressed heroine wooed by two wives, it frequently crosses into the homoerotic.