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 (hō′mō-tăk′sĭs, hŏm′ō-)
Similarity of stratigraphic arrangement and fossils in noncontemporaneous or widely separated geologic deposits.

ho′mo·tax′ic (-tăk′sĭk), ho′mo·tax′i·al (-tăk′sē-əl) adj.
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(ˌhəʊməʊˈtæksɪs; ˌhɒm-)
(Geological Science) similarity of composition and arrangement in rock strata of different ages or in different regions
ˌhomoˈtaxic, ˌhomoˈtaxial adj
ˌhomoˈtaxially adv
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homotaxis, homotaxy

the condition of being arranged in the same way, especially stratified layers that are similar in arrangement and place but not contemporaneous. — homotaxic, adj.
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