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Variant of homey1.


(ˈhəʊmɪ) or


adj, homier or homiest
like a home, esp in comfort or informality; cosy
ˈhominess, ˈhomeyness n


or hom•y

(ˈhoʊ mi)

adj. hom•i•er, hom•i•est.
comfortably informal; cozy: a homey inn.
[1850–55; home + -y1]
hom′ey•ness, hom′i•ness, n.


(ˈhoʊ mi)
n., pl. -eys.
Slang. homeboy.
[by shortening]
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Adj.1.homy - having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable; "the homely everyday atmosphere"; "a homey little inn"
comfortable, comfy - providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal); "comfortable clothes"; "comfortable suburban houses"; "made himself comfortable in an armchair"; "the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable"; "are you comfortable?"; "feeling comfy now?"
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The motor industry in Europe has steered well away from the oriental style of naming models after the most obscure thing possible, The Mitsubishi Lettuce, Honda Mysterious Utility and Nissan Homy.
In a report filed with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Nissan said the parking brake defect concerns a total of 82,963 Elgrands, Caravan Elgrands, Homy Elgrands as well as 724 Fillys and Fargo Fillys.
shouts the homy and ostensibly hetero Jay, going off into a gay rights rant after he's mistakenly accused of taking carnal advantage of Silent Bob.