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Honer - Rachel and Darrell Honer, of Creswell, a son.
On Steve Hiett's 21st birthday, his parents gave him a Samoca 35 mm camera and a Honer Senator guitar.
HONER Brenda Passed away peacefully on 18th October 2015 aged 75 years.
One of Each, written by Deborah McAndrew and directed by Chris Honer, tells the story of Rod and Nettie Whale, twins and proprietors of The Pickled Egg and the Silver Darling.
William Arthur Honer II of Lake Ann, Michigan, was diagnosed with MS in 1989 and has been Nordic walking since 2002.
Honer Jfar said in press statements that in Syed Sadiq was recorded two cases of injury were injured because of random shootings, while medical sources said that they registered 10 cases of injuries within the province of Sulaymaniyah shot by revelers for the safety of President Talabani , while wounding three people in the district of the Chamchamal , including a child were transported to the emergency hospital for treatment.
The Irish Daily Mirror columnist got hitched to Gary Honer, a local election candidate for the Labour party.
Stacey Honer, NALP Millview Apartment Coatesville PA
Due to the lack of information contained in the SINAN records in Brazil, the analysis of rabies prophylaxis typically does not include variables related to the biter dog and the environment where the aggression took place, Rigo and Honer (29) and Fortes et al.
IGA; Jennifer Bosma, manager, Harvest Market; and Tom Honer, owner, Harvest Market, which won for Greatness in Green/Multi-store
Lux wants to turn over the plane to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum so that they may put it on display to honer the nine officers and four enlisted men who perished in the crash.