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Noun1.honeyed words - inconsequential expressions of affection; "he whispered sweet nothings into her ear"
nothings - inconsequential conversation; "they traded a few nothings as they parted"
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He greets them with a smile and laugh, and pleasant honeyed words, as though it were some feast in his honour to which he had been invited.
He was determined to show who was master in that house, and when commands would not draw Nana from the kennel, he lured her out of it with honeyed words, and seizing her roughly, dragged her from the nursery.
"Ah," said Morrel, falling from the height of excitement to the abyss of despair -- "ah, you are playing with me, like those good, or rather selfish mothers who soothe their children with honeyed words, because their screams annoy them.
Many honeyed words have been written about Jones after his exploits in the season just finished, but maybe Rob Evans' earthy and succinct take on his Wales captain best captures what the big man is about.
Re-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar have both replied with honeyed words and anodyne phrases to letters from their Pakistani counterparts, Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Mr Khan congratulating Mr Modi on his re-election, Mr Qureshi Mr Jaishankar on his selection as Foreign Minister.
Sometimes - but not often - they have uttered honeyed words, but their general attitude has been mulish, as if to warn any other EU states of what they might come up against if they expressed a desire to quit, too.
Even as the PNP basks in the honeyed words and praises by a relieved ruling order, it has yet to disclose its findings on the 22,983 cases of killings of ordinary Filipinos classified as deaths under inquiry (DUI) in its records, from the time President Duterte launched his war on drugs in 2016.
Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd's honeyed words are not good enough.
A captivating fantasy thriller rife with magic and intrigue, Christelle Dabos's A Winter's Promise is an exhilarating venture into a world of floating cities, illusions, and lies, where appearances and honeyed words mask a multitude of evils.
' If such honeyed words are of any use in winning Kim's cooperation, why not?
Can Redknapp find the right honeyed words to rebuild that confidence?
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