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Adj.1.honeylike - resembling honey
sugary - containing sugar; "he eats too much sugary food"
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Marijuana include sinsemilla and concentrated resins which are stronger form of marijiuana containing high doses of marijuana'EUR (TM)s active elements which includes honeylike hash oil, waxy budder, and hard amberlike shatter.
Liquid silicone rubber has a honeylike consistency and is fed into the barrel using highly accurate 1:1 ratio metering pumps.
Some examples of flowers that work well in jellies include honeysuckle (sweet, honey like flavor), common blue violet (sweet flavor), clover (anise or licorice flavor), dandelion (sweet, honeylike flavor), lavender (sweet, slightly citrus flavor), and hibiscus (tart, cranberrylike flavor).
obs.), which might be due to a honeylike fragrance produced by its leaves (Joel et al, 1985).
Use them to add a honeylike flavour to chicken or chutney, or stir them into cereals, biscuits or muffins.
Harvest when it's still on the firm side for more tartness, or let it turn slightly soft for an almost honeylike flavor.
"Honeylike biscuity malt bready nose," commented Gregg Glaser of Yankee Brew News.