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Diana announced that she would just give me time to get over the honeymoon, and then she would come and see me.
they have gone off to spend their honeymoon, and Margaret has written to me twice to say how happy they are together in the Hesperides.
Margaret had a bad attack of these nerves during the honeymoon.
Whilst our friend George and his young wife were enjoying the first blushing days of the honeymoon at Brighton, honest William was left as George's plenipotentiary in London, to transact all the business part of the marriage.
As for the bride, she was now in her honeymoon, and so passionately fond of her new husband that he never appeared to her to be in the wrong; and his displeasure against any person was a sufficient reason for her dislike to the same.
And the married couple went to spend the honeymoon in Scotland.
May I venture to suggest in ` a honeymoon paradise' that five o'clock is the dinner hour at your hotel?
Then there was the other responsibility -- perhaps the heavier of the two -- the responsibility of deciding where he was to go and spend his honeymoon to-morrow.
Anne and Gilbert put their nest in order, rambled on the shores, sailed on the harbor, drove about Four Winds and the Glen, or through the ferny, sequestered roads of the woods around the harbor head; in short, had such a honeymoon as any lovers in the world might have envied them.
On the conclusion of the honeymoon, the young couple were to return to Ireland, and were to establish themselves in Mrs.
Men are not willing to give up their whole existence to their wives, even during the honeymoon.
Thus, then, in our hearts' honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg --a cosy, loving pair.