honeysuckle family

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hon′eysuckle fam`ily

a plant family, Caprifoliaceae, of shrubs and woody vines having opposite leaves and clusters of tubular flowers with flaring tops.
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Noun1.honeysuckle family - shrubs and small trees and woody vines
asterid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
order Rubiales, Rubiales - an order of dicotyledonous plants of the subclass Asteridae; have opposite leaves and an inferior compound ovary
genus Abelia - chiefly east Asian shrubs
Diervilla, genus Diervilla - small genus of low deciduous shrubs: bush honeysuckles
genus Leycesteria, Leycesteria - small species of shrubs of western Himalayas to China
genus Linnaea, Linnaea - one species: twinflower
genus Symphoricarpos, Symphoricarpos - deciduous shrubs of North America and Central America and China
common snowberry, snowberry, Symphoricarpos alba, waxberry - deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries
genus Sambucus, Sambucus - elder; elderberry
genus Triostium, Triostium - genus of Asiatic and North American herbs: feverroot
genus Viburnum, Viburnum - deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees: arrow-wood; wayfaring tree
genus Weigela - east Asian flowering shrubs
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Origin Honeysuckle is a member of its own honeysuckle family, and grows mainly in the northern hemisphere.
Origin Honeysuckle is a member of its own honeysuckle family and grows mainly in the northern hemisphere.
PLANT OF THE WEEK ABELIA It will come as no surprise that this shrub is related to the honeysuckle family when you get a whiff of its delicious sweet fragrance.