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or hon·kie also hon·key  (hông′kē, hŏng′-)
n. pl. hon·kies also hon·keys Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a white person.

[Possibly blend of Wolof honq, red, pink, of light complexion, and hunky.]


(ˈhɒŋkɪ) or


Black slang censorious
a. a White man or White men collectively
b. (as modifier): honkie guilt.
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Noun1.honkie - (slang) offensive names for a White man
derogation, disparagement, depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
Caucasian, White, White person - a member of the Caucasoid race


honky [ˈhɒŋkɪ] N (honkies (pl)) (US) (pej) → blanco/a m/f, blancucho/a m/f
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Walking down a hallway, I could hear kids I had never met mutter the words "white mother-f***er" or "white honkie," and kids would play music with anti-white and anti-police lyrics.
The white honkie culture that has been handed to us on a silver plastic platter is meaningless to us
hopeless President waging war, "fighting for peace" sending State Secretary to Israel, the moon, China, Acapulco, hopeless the Dutch boy standing with his finger in the dyke, the energy crisis, the protein crisis 1990, the Folklore Crisis, the Aboriginal Crisis, the Honkie crisis, the old Nazi crisis, the Arab crisis, the Chrysophrase Crisis, Tungsten, the crisis in Panama, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Texas, New Jersey, New York, East 10th Street, the Crisis in San Juan Capistrano, the Oil-spill in Bolinas Bay, Santa Barbara's tar tide, the crisis of the Loch Ness Monster & the Dublin Bomb Crisis, all hopeless.