hooded merganser

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Noun1.Hooded merganser - small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male's headhooded merganser - small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male's head
fish duck, merganser, sawbill, sheldrake - large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edges
genus Lophodytes, Lophodytes - a genus of Merginae
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Some colorful ones to look out for are the dramatically marked hooded merganser, the wide-billed shoveler, and tbe small bluish-billed bufflehead.
This fine picture of the hooded merganser was taken by Peter Garbutt in early evening, just as the bird was settling down for the night on Seaton Carew Common.
<todd@basducks.com> <www.basducks.com> Wood Duck, Mandarin, Green Wing Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Falcated Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Baikal Teal, Garganey Teal, Pintail, RedHead, White Redhead, Silver Redhead, Goldeneyes, Hooded Merganser, Ring Teal, Mallards, Smews, Tufted, Greater Scaup, Ring Neck, Ruddy, Canvasback, Common Merganser, Red Breasted Geese, Emperor Geese.
Daily bag limits are no more than six ducks in aggregate with no more than four of any species not additionally restricted in the following list: 1 black, 1 canvasback, 1 fulvous, 2 hooded merganser, 4 mallard (only 2 female), 1 mottled, 2 pintail, 2 redhead, 2 scaup, 3 wood duck, 7 sea ducks (eiders, scoters, and long-taileds), 4 all other duck species.
Buttercup, pictured here at 10 weeks with a hooded merganser decoy (hand carved and painted by Jode Hillman), was born on Saint Patrick's Day in 2011.
Key words: axilla, feather folliculoma, neoplasia, basosquamous carcinoma, waterfowl, avian, hooded merganser, Indian runner duck, Lophodytes cucullatus, Anas platyrhynchos
Green heron, hooded merganser, black-backed woodpecker ...
americana) 15 (93.8) 1 Siberian red-breasted goose 3 (50.0) 3 (Branta ruficollis) Ross goose (Chen rossii) 2 (40.0) 3 Mountain quail (Oreortyx pictus) 0 2 Common eider (Somateria 0 1 mollissima) Hooded merganser (Lophodytes 0 1 cucullatus) ([dagger]) Canvasback (Aythya valisineria) ([dagger]) 0 1 Domestic turkey (Melleagris 0 1 gallopavo) * WNV, West Nile virus.
Commonly observed species include common merganser, bufflehead, common goldeneye, hooded merganser, mallard, black duck and greater and lesser scaup.
With much open water, waterfowl were plentiful: greater white-fronted goose, 1; pink-footed goose, 1 (new species for the count); snow goose, 1; Canada goose, 2,440; mute swan, 14; wood duck CW (seen during count week but not on count day); gadwall cw; American wigeon, 1; American black duck, 55; mallard, 786; northern pintail, 1; green-winged teal, 9; ring-necked duck, 28; greater scaup, 58; lesser scaup, 12 (new high); white-winged scoter, 1; bufflehead, 10; common goldeneye, 106; Barrow's goldeneye, 1; hooded merganser, 355 (new high); common merganser, 96; American coot, 2; wild turkey, 226 (new high); common loon, 9; horned grebe, 4.
The Hooded Merganser is the smallest of the mergansers.
Like the common goldeneye and hooded merganser, the bufflehead nests in holes in trees.